Laser Engraving Pictures


Laser Engraving Pictures


Gravure de photos au Laser au Laval et Montreal

Laser Engraving Pictures


Black marble and granite

are the preferred stones for photo engraving in the laser engraving industry. This is mainly due to the contrast capabilities.

The "cast"acrylic and some wood species alow also to engrave beautiful images from your photos.

Each technique has its advantages and constraints. We naturally refer you to the one that seems most appropriate for your project. The main advantages of the different techniques are as follows: LASER - Quick and economical implementation, - No clamping of the parts required, - No shelving of the “closed” angles, - Reduced loss of material. MILLING - Perfectly orthogonal cut on the face, - Possibility to build pockets, - Better suited to thick layers, - No burns on the edges
We do not have a public price list. Our prices are defined according to many criteria such as the type of machine used, the working time required, the material chosen, and the quantities to be produced. Additional costs may also be added for operations such as CAM, production of templates, machine settings and handling.
No. We work on prototypes and unique pieces as well as on series. However, we apply a minimum machine launch rate of $ 75 for CNC cutting services and $ 50 for laser cutting and engraving.
We try to be as responsive as possible. Manufacturing times depend on the production schedule, the type of order and the desired quantities. You will inform you about the deadline when we will submit your quote. In some cases we can offer an “express manufacturing” option within 24 or 48 hours.
Tests are possible and often recommended, in particular when working on customer material. The tests are subject to an estimate, they are carried out within 24 hours and can be sent by mail on request.